About Us

about us

Yuni’s Coffee and Food, we are an international gourmet food restaurant with a great variety on our menu, you can taste from an exquisite cut of meat or enjoy a good coffee and pastry with friends. We have different areas with A / C, Main Hall, Terrace, and VIP Lounge.

Yuni’s has as a principle the careful attention to all Nicaraguans and foreigners who visit our facilities without distinction of political, social or cultural colors. Focusing on customer service, we not only sell world-class food, coffee, and dessert, we also focus on detail, we offer our customers quality time at Yuni’s.



Food Area


"Amazing food, great service and the place is very ELEGANT. I will highly recommend this place. Everything on the menu is amazing you won't go wrong."
Mende Barrera
"Delicious Food and beverages, great place to come with friends and family 10/10 would come again."
Roberto Oscar
"The food is great. I love the place, it is very elegant. I really encourage people to go. You can also tell the chef to surprise you and he will surprise. I also encourage you to try the desserts. They have their own baker!! You can order a cake for a party and their baker will make it for you!!"
Mr. Judge